The Gathering at South Forsyth will be the LARGEST Mixed-use development in the state..& Home to the New Atlanta Hockey Team?

Forsyth county has been one the fastest growing counties in the state over the past few years. Between 2000 & 2019, Forsyth grew 132% compared to the 27% population growth of all of Georgia. This has spurred developments such as Halcyon & the re-development of downtown Cumming. While that has all been exciting for residents and great for property values, this will be the biggest of them all.

This development would be one of the largest live-work-play developments our state has ever seen. Rivaling the likes of the Battery. To do so, developers plan to spends billions on the development, and over a billion building out a…

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Back in the New York GROOVE..The Spring Market is BACK, and back with NO Inventory…

 The Spring market is back in full force all across the metro. Buyers are flocking back to the opportunity to find their desired home. While demand for housing has picked up 10-fold in the past 2 months, inventory has barely blipped the radar. If anything, the availability of inventory is worse then it was 4-5 months back. Not only is inventory tighter, the level of quality inventory is that much lower. We are still finding buyers the homes they need but, it is taking longer & we are exploring other avenues such as off-market properties.

Good news is, rates have come down tremendously compared to the highs of last year. Right now many of my clients are being…

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North Atlanta Home Prices are on the Rise According to the Data.

Refer to the graph shown above

  • Alpharetta is up 16.2% Year over Year (YOY)

  • Roswell is up 16.8% YOY

  • Forsyth County is up 5% YOY

  • Cobb County is up 4.2% YOY

  • Gwinnett is up 0.6% YOY

You have most likely seen many articles that the U.S housing market is down for the first time in 11 years. This is true.

 Some items they do not touch on however:

  1. Real estate is incredibly localized. Watching national home pricing is good to do, but it won’t give you a great insight into local data. In North Atlanta, we are up anywhere from 4-16% over last year.

  2. Home prices around the nation as a whole are down 1% compared to last…

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Which “Mini-Downtown Area” Will Be The Next to BOOM!?

 Alpharetta, Milton, Marietta, and many more have seen their downtown areas skyrocket in the past 5 years. The ability for residents to live, work, and play all within the same square mile has become incredibly intriguing for those younger & nearing retirement. A great example is downtown Alpharetta. What used to be a strip of restaurants & shoppes has spiraled into a booming downtown area with 100s of millions in private & public investment. It has done so well in fact, many towns are going for the same approach.

 Take the downtown Milton area, aka “Downtown Crabapple”. This up and coming downtown area has quadrupled in size primarily in the past 3 to 4 years. The city has added their own…

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Three STUPIDEST Things To Do When Buying Your First Home!

Have you ever heard of a false prophet? … Well in real estate there are many nonsensical fallacies that are spewed around. Here are the three dumbest things that I hear about buying a home in 2023.

1. Waiting to save up 20% DOWN

In the U.S we are blessed to have many lower down payment options for home buyers. Going down to 0% on VA & USDA applicants, 3% for conventional, and 3.5% for FHA borrowers.

Many buyers who claim they will “save up 20%” unfortunately never get to that point. 20% of a median priced home in Atlanta is $72,000. Many will feel the wealth effect well before they get to 20%, spend the money on many other things and end up renting for the foreseeable future.


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Home prices are on the rise in Metro Atlanta for the month of February! 

Not a shocker to some, home prices began to rise again in February. This came after a pretty large surge in demand came in the month of January & into February. The metro Atlanta market continues to show its resiliency to the macro economic conditions. Furthermore, many sub markets in Atlantas hot suburbs have been recovering off of June 2022 lows for some time now.

Here is the data for all of Metro Atlanta:

  • Median Price: $360,000 (2.89% increase from the prior month)

  • Number of New Listings: 7,526 (9.5% decline from the prior month)

  • Pending Home Sales: 5,816 (5.8% decline from the prior month)

  • Closed Transactions: 4,757 (12.3% increase…

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Gwinnett county is leading the Metro

While the majority of counties in the state saw a large pullback in housing starts, the tap is turning on strong in Gwinnett. Leading by a large margin– starting 3147 units compared to the second highest of 2054 units in Cherokee county.

Courtesy of St. Bourke/Metrostudy.

A report in Atlanta Agent Magazine shows that out of 23 counties analyzed, 20 counties saw housing starts decline and 17 of them saw a decline in closings. This isn't a surprise as many builders pulled back after rate increases started in the middle of last year. This bearishness seems to be cooling off as home builder sentiment rose for the second month in a row. Hitting its highest level since September 2022. 

A representative at…

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Why you need to be cautious hiring a Realtor?

Real estate agents are like college english professors– everyone has one and majority of them aren't worth a darn. Within the past two years over 150,000 real estate agents joined the business. For anyone who may not know, the barrier to entry in real estate isn't all that high. Just like majority of "sales or service" style positions, 80-90% of transactions are done by the top 10-20% of agents. Matter of fact, majority of agents in the U.S close only 1 deal a year, and some don't do any. 

When picking an agent, you need somebody that knows the market inside and out. After all, that is a large reason why you hire us in the first place. It takes years of being in your market to understand trends. Are…

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What is a Survey?

A survey confirms the boundary lines and legal description of real property. The document will show all lines and edges of the property line, including geological features, improvements to the property, and any existing agreements that allows others access to your property. These agreements would be called easements, this is an agreement that allows someone else to use your property for a variety of reasons, this does not however give them ownership interest in your property. A common example of this could be a shared driveway. Your neighbor that your share a driveway with will have an easement to access that section of your property so they can access theirs. 

Are they necessary? & Why would I need one?

Well, this will vary…

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What happened to the North Atlanta Real Estate Market in January 23' ?

Every month I have the feeling we are all waiting for a quick shift in the other direction. We want to see a floor in pricing. While, we have seen this just yet, it seems to be coming sooner than expected. This month, we saw a surge in demand from December. This is expected as we leave the holiday season, and many return back to their everyday lives. We saw mortgage rates at the end the month in the mid 5's or so for your prime borrower. This is great news for spring demand, if rates continue to drop– I believe we will see another large surge in demand for North Atlanta real estate. 

Here is the data for January 2023: 

  • Median Sales Price: $414,500
  • Number of Active…

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