What is going on in North Atlanta right now?

I think a majority of those that are relatively in-tune with the market understand that we are not in the spot we were in during 21/early 22. That being said, to act like we are in a manic buyer's market is far from the truth as well. The metro Atlanta market has leveled out over the past 6 months. Interest rates have brought many buyers back down to reality in terms of affordability. Many sellers on the other hand haven't gotten the memo. Right now– buyers are shopping around like its 2010, and sellers are listing their properties like it's the spring of 2021. You might be wondering who is closer to the truth & like most things, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. 

In January of 23, sellers still…

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Lower Mortgage Rates–Increasing Demand–Stable Prices 

This week was full of good news. Producer price inflation came in way lower than expectations–showing inflation coming down faster than initially expected. This led the 10-year treasury to fall 16 basis-points (mortgage rates follow this)– in English, mortgage rates fell after this news. 

Over the past 2-3 weeks, demand has been slowly coming back into the metro Atlanta market. This increase is two-fold, a combination of buyers returning to their search after the holidays & mortgage rates beginning to return to the high 5's. This is great for prices as well, as demand returns to the market– prices should stabilize. 

As you can see the average pricing from November stayed flat. This is good…

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How do I get started in the real estate buying process?

Whether you are renting or looking to move from the house you currently own– buying a new home can be intimidating. This tends to be the main reason why people sit on the sidelines their whole lives. There is this engrained fear– that buying real estate is some crazy, complicated & costly process. While it can be for some– for most buyers (with a solid agent) the process is far from complicated. 

  1. Where are you at in life? What can you afford & what are your needs?

This is a crucial first step in the buying process. You need to assess your needs & figure out what you can reasonably afford. Easiest way to do this is reaching out to a local loan officer. Based on your monthly income,…

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Are we returning to the long-term trend in the Atlanta market??

After months and months of hearing national media tell us its 08 all over again– what is really going on? You have heard me blabber for months & months about the coming stabilization of the Atlanta market– for both pricing & demand. Over the past 5-6 months or so, we have done just that. Some is interest rate related & some is related to seasonal demand historically being low for Q4/Q1. Now that the holidays are over, I will tell you firsthand– demand is coming back. Nothing like 2021 but it's coming. 

It is important to focus on the long-term goal with real estate. Find a solid property at fair market value, in a great area (one that is appreciating/growing), and ride out the…

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