"Honey, you just wait... Once the market crashes, we will be getting that home for HALF OFF" 

I hear this phrase at least twice a week, especially as an agent who enjoys discussing real estate, the economy, and related topics. It's starting to sound like a broken record. I'm not here to judge, because if I didn't immerse myself in this field every waking hour of the day, researching the market and gaining hands-on knowledge, I would understand why someone might have these thoughts.

Let me start by prefacing this article. We will discuss why the market is likely to experience a downturn as we move into the winter season, the outlook for interest rates, and how they might affect the market. Additionally, we will explore the factors that could lead to…

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Brace for impact...What comes next will be surprising

Every season, after the back-to-school home shoppers leave the market, the question arises: How much demand will remain? Unfortunately, this season, many back-to-school buyers did not find their ideal homes due to a severe shortage of inventory. With mortgage rates currently staying high, which is understandable, buyers have become highly selective, often seeking turnkey homes. Sellers, unless they have a compelling reason to move, a second home, or are selling for investment purposes, are hesitant to enter the market. This actually benefits the housing market in terms of stability. The majority of homeowners have substantial equity in their properties, and the urgency to sell is low, resulting…

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