Watch in the coming weeks. The Media will be crying bloody murder. "REAL ESTATE IS GOING TO DROP 50%". "THE SKY IS FALLING" "THE WORLD IS OVER" I think you get the picture.

Granted, if you were looking for views, you would clickbait your titles as well. Let me paint a picture for you. Let's say you invest $1000 in ABC stock. In 1 year, it gained 30%, they posted record-breaking earnings and future outlook. A week later, ABC stock had a bad press piece come out. ABC stock fell 10%! You are still up a little less than 20% in a year. That is a great return but headlines read "ABC stock is in the toilet, DOWN 10% FOR THE MONTH"!

I think you get my point... Asset classes come into the spotlight, gain popularity as an investment vehicle, get overextended, and appropriately so they correct back to a normal trajectory. Itis only healthy for the real estate market to do so. 

Real estate is a long play for most people. Buying and holding for years or even decades. We have gotten used to 15% gains YoY and that is just unrealistic going forward. The market is going to be slow for the remainder of the year. A continued balancing act will play out until there is an equilibrium met between buyers and sellers.

This next week, I will be releasing multiple videos with different colleagues of mine to shine light on market conditions and what you can expect going forward. Be on the lookout!

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