Due Diligence

Why this is the most important contingency...

 The Due diligence period is arguably the most important contingency for a buyer. This is your time to get anything and everything you want inspected-get your home inspections, termite letters, contractor bids, etc. This is your opportunity to do your due diligence on your potential purchase. If it doesn’t work out, you can back out and get your earnest money back, no questions asked.


Low Appraisal?

What can the buyer or seller do if the appraisal comes back in low?

If the appraisal comes in low, do not panic just yet... If you are the buyer, you & your agent will need to either negotiate with the seller or terminate the contract. Usually, there will be some found middle ground between both parties to get the deal done. *This will heavily depend on how low the appraisal came in* If you are the seller, you can either negotiate this with buyer or say NO. Ultimately, that will be up to you in determining whether it makes sense to go back to market or lower the price with your current buyer.